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Bentley with her favorite Tuffy Toy

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Breed: YorkiePoo
Birthday: 2008-12-13 Sagittarius
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Gender: Female
Weight: 12
Occupation: Pillow Terrorist
Naughtyest thing ever done: Eat the pillows and mattress
Likes: Anything that can be torn apart in a violent manner.
Dislikes: Being told no.
About: Bentley is a ferocious 12 lb yorkiepoo. She tells people that she is a 450 lb. cheetah, but for some reason they just don't believe her. UNTIL...they come over and find that all the feathers of the pillows have been shred across the room, and that she has ripped the stuffing out of every toy she can prey on. Her new occupation is to be a VIP Product tester, she takes this job very seriously. Bentley has said that her main mission is to destroy these toys, but she hasn't been able to yet.

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