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Handsome MacGregor

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The MacGregor

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Breed: Scottish Terrier
Birthday: 2005-07-24 Leo
Astrological sign: Leo
Gender: Male
Weight: 23
Occupation: Scottish Laird
Naughtyest thing ever done:
Likes: I am a verra good climber and, in the best Scottish tradition,canna be expected not to fully explore what catches my eye! ;-) I like walking by the sea and seeing (and smelling)lots of exciting things.
Dislikes: I do NOT like Mom trying to slip vegetables into my food! No broccoli, no green beans, no carrots!! I also really, really hate c@ts that come into MY yard. C@ats just can't take a hint!
About: MacGregor has just become a beloved Family Dog after leaving (ahem!) his previous job in a puppy mill. He still hasn't investigated enough to KNOW all his likes and dislikes.

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