(The dribbler)

Loveland, Ohio, United States


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All dressed up in red white and blue brindle

Clark vs. Stegasaurus III

Clark vs. Stegasaurus II

Clark vs. Stegasaurus

me & Girard (III)

me & Girard (II)

me & Girard

Me and Lois as pups

Are you ready for some football?


Clark at Dawn

Clark & Lois

Clark vs. Dinosaur

Clark vs. Stegasaurus IV

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Breed: Borzoi
Birthday: 2010-07-05 Cancer
Astrological sign: Cancer
Gender: Male
Weight: 95
Occupation: Mild-Mannered Reporter
Naughtyest thing ever done: Nothing that can be proven
Likes: Cookies, fresh snow, ceiling fans, dog beds, the dog park, litter sister Lois
Dislikes: hot days, rodents, birds

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