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Breed: Yorkshire Terrior
Birthday: 2009-02-20 Pisces
Astrological sign: Pisces
Gender: Female
Weight: 9
Occupation: She is just a little lovebug who makes many people happy!
Naughtyest thing ever done: One time she decided to take the roll of paper towels all over the house! She had a blast!
Likes: Mitzi LOVES to play ball! That is her favorite thing to do! She also enjoys playing with her frizbee! In fact this little girl just LOVES to play with toys of all kinds! She enjoys going outside with me and sitting up in the lawn chair with me. She ge
Dislikes: Mitzi is not real comfortable with "Bath time"! Of course, like most dogs, going to the vet is NOT a thing she likes either!
About: The past 11 years have been very difficult for me as I was diagnosed with a disease that has affected my body to the point that I am disabled, housebound, and in a wheelchair. We had just lost our father the same month as Mitzi was born. This little girl was given to me when she was only 6 weeks old! She was so tiny, actually fit in one of your hands! I was petrified as to how I would care for her and could I take care of her as she would need. It did NOT take many minutes after holding her to know that the 2 of us would be "ok"! Mitzi is so full of love and only wants to please! Where I am unable to take her out for walks and rides in cars, she is more "high strung" than she probably would have been. She gets very nervous when people come to the door, but once they are inside, most of the time, she just loves them! When she jumps out of my lap to go find one of her balls to play with whoever is here, I KNOW she is feeling safe and secure with that person(s). Mitzi LOVES to play ball. When those big brown eyes open in the morning, it isn't many minutes before I see or hear a ball bouncing across the floor! If she had her way we would play ball every waking hour of the day. Mitzi is a very caring little dog. It's like she knows when I am struggling. On those bad days, she likes to sit in my lap or stay close by! It's amazing to watch her when you talk to her. It's like she is taking in every word that you say. The expressions on her face are priceless! We laugh and say "one of these days she is going to talk back to me"! This little girl LOVES to go out in the yard and run and play. In the spring and summer it is fascinating to watch her as some of the flowers start to bloom. she will literally just stand around that flower and sniff and sniff, especially the lavender and phlox plants! She enjoys watching the butterflies as they flutter around outside and YES...she enjoys trying to catch them, too! Just as most pet owners, I could go on and on about this little bundle of joy! Bottom line is she is the joy of my life and brings so much happiness in my home! It has been a hard journey these 2 years with her where she was so much too young to be taken from her mother, but she has done well considering. With my health as it is, that creates even a larger challenge. But at the end of a day, I love to watch her as she unwinds, stretches out across the bed beside me, rolling those big brown eyes up at me...what a GIFT I was given! The love of this little dog is priceless!

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