Reedsport, Oregon, United States


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"TUFF" Scale

She LOVES having her picture taken

The first day she got her Shark when she was a baby

Conan,Ginger and Cledus

Sleeping with her fav toy (Shark)

Trying to play with more then 1 toy at a time lol

Sleeping with her best buddy's when she was a puppy

LOVES to copy her best friend lol

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Breed: Boxer
Birthday: 2010-02-16 Aquarius
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Gender: Female
Weight: 55
Occupation: Trouble Maker
Naughtyest thing ever done:
Likes: She LOVES all animals but one of her fav's is horses and other Boxers.Boxers seem to sure love other Boxers lol.

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