Chittaprasad Jairam Du Volant


Sandy, Oregon, United States


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"TUFF" Scale

Jai makes the catch, Ultimate Ring

Jai makes the catch 2, Ultimate Ring

Jai makes the catch 3, Ultimate Ring

Jairam at work

Jai catching the Ultimate Flyer

Jai cooling off in the water trough

Jai poses at Kerr Dam in Montana

Jai pauses from his catch game, to survey his domain

Jai's other passion is running... so I go with him on skis

Photo Comments

  • Jai works in Search and Rescue as a trailing dog. He performs best in urban settings. He has been on hiatus for a year, as I moved for work, and then we had a litter of puppies here at the farm, so that consumed much of our training time. Jai's SAR reward is an Ultimate flyer. He ONLY gets the Flyer as a reward for a search. At home he plays with the Ultimate Ring or other tug/fetch toys.[x]
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Breed: Belgian Shepherd Groenendael
Birthday: 2007-11-15 Scorpio
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Gender: Male
Weight: 60
Occupation: Urban Search and Rescue
Naughtyest thing ever done:
Likes: His Fris (Ultimate Flyer) His other Fris (Ultimate Ring) The last resort toy (Jolly Ball) Running (one of his greatest passions) Skijor Fetching toys from the water (a new passion)
Dislikes: Other toys Sharing his toy
About: Jai works as an urban trailing dog for Search and Rescue.His job is to follow the scent of a specif person. He works best in urban settings, as wilderness settings can be too exciting for him. Jai has been deployed on three searches. His SAR reward is the Ultimate Flyer. Jai's sire was a magnificent and highly successful Ring Sport Dog (French Ring 3 and Mondio Ring 3, Finalist and Selectiv). His mother and grandmother were agility dogs competing at the world level.

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