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"TUFF" Scale

She may look like an angel, but when it comes to toys...

She can be a bit dumb sometimes

But she is ALWAYS adorable..

Loves to take your seat when you get up.

It really tires her out...

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Breed: Purebred Mutt
Birthday: 2011-06-24 Cancer
Astrological sign: Cancer
Gender: Female
Weight: 35
Occupation: Toy Destroyer
Naughtyest thing ever done: Ripped apart a Playstation 3 Controller into itty bitty pieces.
Likes: raw hides, killing toys, chasing birds, and sleeping.
Dislikes: Stairs, being picked up, the vet, and getting her nails clipped.
About: She is better than we could have asked for and besides the destruction of toys, she's perfect and very well-behaved.

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