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Benson with his new toy and new catalog... MYDOTGOY.COM... OOOPS

Benson with a new toy

I love Christmas!

So I'm not a lap dog, huh? How about a chest dog????

Too much light!

Do you really need that light? I want to sleep!

You can't see me.

Turn off the light so I can sleep

Heather and Benson

Say Cheese!!!

Benson's first training session with us, "people training" actually.

Benson after his week of training at Pet Peeves with Wendy Kelly.

This is MINE!

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Breed: Black Lab
Birthday: 2011-11-22 Scorpio
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Gender: Male
Weight: 90
Occupation: Seek and Destroy
Naughtyest thing ever done: Chewing things and people
Likes: Benson LOVES Peanut Butter, CHEW toys, chasing the cats, CHEW toys, playing fetch, socks, CHEW toy - oh yeah, he likes CHEWING! Benson also LOVES to have his belly rubbed!
Dislikes: Benson does not like to have things taken away. He will "sneak" something off the desk, out of a basket or somewhere and run just to make us try to chase him.
About: Benson has been training at Pet Peeves in Pinellas Park, Florida with Wendy Kelly. He LOVES doing commands for treats. He does sit, down, "bang" (playing dead), stay, wait, come, leave it, off... He wants to make things happen. He is an EXTREMELY smart dog, learns fast and wants to "work."

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