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"TUFF" Scale

I had a little problem with the pool while you were at work!

Play Hard Sleep Harder

Early Bird

After discovering its time to get up

Waking up from a nap, "its go time!"

Red Solo cup Sighting

Dinosaur invasion

The look of the guilty

War has been declared!

I ran into my blanket... who left this here?!?!

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Breed: English Bulldog
Birthday: 2012-11-10 Scorpio
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Gender: Male
Weight: 60
Occupation: Supreme Allied Commander in war on water, Serves part time with the bureau of Farting, Pooping, and Licking faces.
Naughtyest thing ever done: Pooped on our bed, I think he quite enjoyed the payback it served as he was potty trained.
Likes: Toys... Lots and lots of them. Red Solo cups are his favorite, no drink is safe around the house... It will end up on the floor with remanents of the fallen red solo cup. They line up like little soldiers waiting to fight the Winzila.
Dislikes: Water splashing from toys in his kiddie pool. Every day is a tasking for him as he is thoroughly upset to find toys in his pool. The splashing created by retrieving the toys only creates fuel for the fire. Many late nights are served waging war off the be
About: Winston is the hardest playing dog I have ever been buddies with. He loves his toys and I indulge his every desire. He loves big dog toys, I have many of your tuffy toys and Winston loves them. Plus I love to play with them too. Smashing through the house with the dinosaurs is the greatest. I own multiples of them all. I also have the Green and Red aliens. Winston really enjoys fighting the aliens so he does not get his brains sucked out.

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