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Tollerpride's Moss of Mirkwood

Moss' Swagger

Moss Portrait 6

Moss with Ball 1

Moss with Ball 2

"Plz throw the ball nao, thx."

Sun-Basking: Ur Doin' It Rite. 3/12/2014.

Moss Testing the Tuffy Barnyard Rabbit White 01

Moss Testing the Tuffy Barnyard Rabbit White 02

Moss Portrait 5

Time for a Walk!

Moss Portrait 4

Moss and Neo: BFFs

Moss Sleeping

Moss Portrait 3

Moss Portrait 2

Moss Going in for a Swim

Moss "Bearskin Rug"

Moss Portrait 1

Moss Testing the Tuffy Barnyard Rabbit White 03

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  • He sure is a beautiful dog. I have never really heard about the breed until now. I am a Lab person particular Yellows. I love to hunt Ducks [x]
  • Thank you! We appreciate your nice comments. Moss is genuinely a terrific dog with an amazing temperament, and gives me joy every day. Responsibly-bred Tollers are a demanding, intelligent breed, but very sweet, keen, and beautiful. Their minds and bodies must be productively engaged, however. They are no couch potatoes! They love to work: Field, Agility, Dock Diving, swimming, etc. If you ever have the opportunity to see Retriever field tests, watching the Tollers is always a highlight. I recommend it!
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Breed: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (NSDTR)
Birthday: 2012-04-27 Taurus
Astrological sign: Taurus
Gender: Male
Weight: 45
Occupation: Spoiled furkid
Naughtyest thing ever done: Naughty is relative. Usually just finds loopholes around rules, and eviscerates plush toys.
Likes: Running, agility, playing fetch, swimming, getting muddy, hikes, riding in the car, playing with other dogs, and relaxing at home with the rest of our pack. He gets along beautifully with cats and dogs of all sizes, and even five neighbor's llamas!
Dislikes: Doesn't like being left alone.
About: Tollers are intelligent, keen and eager to please. But they are NOT a "starter" or "couch potato" breed. They must be exercised mentally and physically several times a day. Moss is a clever, beautiful boy and my heart dog. A sweet, clever knucklehead and a bit of a klutz. He's an AKC and CKC conformation champion. He enjoys working as a team; we've begun Rally training and eventually plan on doing freestyle dog dancing and nose work. He currently has a 40 word command vocabulary. He's also very eager to be a Dock Dog (competitive dock diving) and enjoys swimming tremendously.

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