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Kaia May

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Breed: Labrador
Birthday: 2008-04-13 Aries
Astrological sign: Aries
Gender: Female
Weight: 100
Occupation: Family pet
Naughtyest thing ever done: Pulls anything and everything down off the counters and chews it up
Likes: treats
Dislikes: nothing really
About: Kaia is a red lab who is a giant loving sweetheart, she loves both of my children very much and has been a part of them the day they were born. As my kids began to crawl and move they had a magnetic relationship with Kaia. They loved to lay on her and tug on her ears and tail. Never once did she move or growl at the kids tugging on her. They could even get into her food dish without her becoming distressed. I love her like one of my kids and wished she was a pet that stayed around forever.

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