Alexis Shope


Saint Louis, Missouri, United States


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Breed: Chi/Pit
Birthday: 2009-11-20 Scorpio
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Gender: Female
Weight: 20
Occupation: Playful Puppy
Naughtyest thing ever done: Chewed up Daddy's Blackberry
Likes: She loves balls, frisbee toys, ropes, all kinds of treats and bones. And especially peanut butter.
Dislikes: She absolutely hates the vacuum cleaner.
About: Lexi was a product of a family failing to spay and neuter their male chihuahua and female pit bull. When the five puppies were born they contracted Parvo. Unfortunately, they were not responsible and threw the puppies into a dumpster to die. A friend of the family turned the puppies into a rescue agency who worked to save them. Only two survived the disease.

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