(PoochiePoo, Mr. Man, Gram calls me DieselyDoo.)

Hanover Park, Illinois, United States


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Breed: Doberman/Rottweiler
Birthday: 2014-06-10 Gemini
Astrological sign: Gemini
Gender: Male
Weight: 85
Occupation: Being a puppy.
Naughtyest thing ever done: Mommy has the tastiest flipflops EVERRR. Also the doorknobs are the only thing between me and finding mom and dad at work.
Likes: Peanut butter trumps all! Snow is the best ever! Loves doing tricks for treats! Dog park! Walks! Swimming! MOM! DAD! KODA! [cousin] JORDAN! [other cousin] blankie hog, snuggle butt. 10 inch retriever rawhides last leass than 1 day definatly,IF
Dislikes: I HATE BEING ALONE, PLEASE TAKE ME TO WORK WITH YOU! I also don't much care for the concept of fetch. Why on earth would i give it back to you if you're only going to throw it again? how about you chase me instead? that sounds like WAY more fun!
About: Diesel is no doubt a lover, but has the potential to be very protective. He is a very fast learner and never forgets what he is taught, but due to his intelligence has a tendency to be a little stubborn. He is amazing off leash 98% of the time. snuggle lover, kisses and hugs all the time. loves making new friends even if they're intimidated by his size.

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