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deflate gate true culprit

always paying attention

My first picture ever

hanging out with my family

Merry Christmas


just chilling in the car

I'm a real fan!

Mom! I don't want to sit next to her!

getting ready to go to my new home soon

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Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Birthday: 2014-03-15 Pisces
Astrological sign: Pisces
Gender: Female
Weight: 105
Occupation: Service Dog in Training
Naughtyest thing ever done: knocked over and broke potted plant in window
Likes: Snuggling, ball, toys, eating, walking, working, riding on the bus system, other dogs, people, lying in the bathtub, getting her nails done and her coat brushed. She loves to be pretty
Dislikes: whenever Jack (the Boston) reprimands her, baths
About: Dita is a very large 11 month old GSD and is in training to take over the Service Dog work from my Boston Terrier. She is such a loving, gentle soul who doesn't know what an enemy is about. Her personality is goofy, and she is always doing something to make me laugh. She is a constant "talker". I feel so safe around her, and I know she loves me so much that if the need ever occur, she'd protect me with her life. She leaves her toys in my bathtub constantly, loves to "help" make my bed and is always trying to fit on the couch with my other dog, and myself, but ends up lying on the back of it like a cat. She doesn't know she is huge LOL

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