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"TUFF" Scale

Ready to go golfing

Him and his bff

Frog legs

Falling asleep with Santa in his mouth

Looking at him annoyed because he wouldn't stop chewing

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Breed: Beagle
Birthday: 2015-07-13 Cancer
Astrological sign: Cancer
Gender: Male
Weight: 30
Occupation: Vacuum Cleaner
Naughtyest thing ever done: Secretly destroy all the patio screen doors
Likes: He loves the kitty and his dachshund little big brother. His favorite thing in the universe is to chew anything possible. He enjoys hunting animals in the backyard. He also enjoys going into the dishwasher and cleaning the dishes for me.
Dislikes: He hates being separated from his doggie brother. He wishes kitty would play with him. He hates hot weather. He gets embarrassed when you laugh at him.
About: Tank is the most lovable dog. He loves EVERYTHING, including inanimate objects. He is too smart for his own good. We need to work on jumping and most importantly, chewing! And he is the only black, green-eyed Beagle I have ever seen.

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